We offer bin rentals for events where trash management is required.
From small to large-scale events, personal or commercial, we provide and deliver various bin types for all types of waste purpose required.


Bins that have been deployed require regular maintenance such as for incident repairs and spare part replacements. MEA offers bin support and maintenance to ensure that your waste solution is effectively managed, thus ensuring that your waste containers are always in optimal working condition.


With the high adoption and increased usage of electronic devices, e-waste disposal has grown to be an essential service. At MEA, we offer containers for the collection of e-waste as well as the safe disposal of such waste in accordance to industry standards and regulations to ensure the proper disposal of such waste and the protection of the environment.


Our service offerings include the management of washroom sanitary for MEA fresheners, toilet rolls, soap dispensers and sanitary bins. These products are managed through our sensor monitoring systems which allow us to facilitate the servicing of these products. Our team will visit washroom facilities to perform checks, replenishment and product servicing for a sanitised and enjoyable experience.


Through the use of scent, we are able to harness its power to create optimal atmospheres in open spaces such as shaping malls, lobbies and offces, keeping them smelling pleasant and refreshing. With our range of scents, we help create signature aromas to forge brand personas for unforgettable experiences. We offer consultation, trials, installation and support services for the maintenance of our products and solutions.


Through tests and development, we are able to incorporate technological equipment such as fill-level sensors, into our bins for real-time monitoring. This customisable innovation allows waste collection timing and frequencies to be better managed and a better deployment of your service teams for waste collection. Information gathered here makes for invaluable data analytics which leads to further effciency and cost management.